Gotta find a way to get home strong…

mojave3I’ve been away. Off exploring and experiencing. There’s a lot going on musically right now – there’s so much that I’m listening to that’s exciting me (new and old) and there’s a lot hitting the turntable in the coming months too. There’s also the possibility of my own band getting something together by the end of the year….

While I settle back into things and find my line back in I’ll share my ‘relax, it’s all good’ song. I play this practically every holiday I’m on and every morning that needs a pick up will find this as the first song in the car.

I’ve listened to this first on  beaches in Normandy (to be fair it’s probably not the usual choice of song to listen to on ‘Omaha Beach’ but there you go) and Barcelona during my first holidays with my now-wife and since then it’s become a case that every time I’m chilling on a warm beach – while my wife throws herself into the warm (or cold) seas with delight – or digesting a day’s exploration I like to lie back and absorb this….

The whole album – Spoon and Rafter – is a pretty fine slice of bliss and I think I’ve got Neil Halstead’s solo stuff kicking around somewhere too…. must take a butchers.

I’ll be back, sooner this time.

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