This blog could now be a testament to procrastination.

I mumble, mutter, rant and pontificate too much about music and books so I thought I’d write it down instead and save the ears of my loved ones from having to block out my opinions. So I’ll write it here. When I can…

I do have another music related blog, it’s more of a list really, but it’s suffering from neglect at present. In fact, it has been neglected since the end of 2010. I still have the original list somewhere… but I have a lot of lists…. and may (may) pick it up sometime and drop it here. I have other blogs floating out there in the ether too, long since left. I became uncomfortable writing about my personal life. It should remain about ‘things’. There has to be a line.

All points and rants here are my own. While I may get off the beaten track I do have a real love for music and the utmost respect for any person who is able to create and bring music to other people’s ears regardless of genre. Unless that person is Justin Bieber.

This blog has recently been annexed by my other obsession – books. The above sentiments spread into both forms. I have a deep and genuine love of literature and the utmost respect for any person who is able to make words dance upon a page regardless of genre. Unless that person is Dan Brown. Some I’ve handed over my own cold cash for, others I’m lucky enough to be sent some books to review in exchange for nothing more than an honest opinion – and that’s what I give. I always point out where I’ve received a book for review.

With both music and literature I do have a tendency to get a bit starstruck.

When I’m not mumbling here I can be found doing so in those other destinations marked in Links.

That’s when time permits.

Otherwise I keep it offline. There has to be a line.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Tony thanks for dropping by the station. I’ve peeked at your takes and they have more than caught my interest. Colin Hay, Bruce Springsteen…set the hook. Plus a few book reviews. CB likes a good read (especially if there a re lots of pictures). I’ve seen some of your comments over on Music Enthusiast place. Sounds like were on the same track with some of this music thing. I’ll be back to lay down a couple comments. Later. CB

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