Confronted by this latest atrocity

“I think I read that we get more information in one day in modern times than people in the 1700s used to get in a whole lifetime. So if you’re every feeling crazy or overwhelmed or insignificant or frustrated or beaten down, there’s a fucking reason. It’s impossible to keep up. There’s a lot of tragedy in the world; we just didn’t used to hear about all of it… it all goes into being overwhelmed and there’s no better song than this one.”

3 thoughts on “Confronted by this latest atrocity

  1. Not only do we hear about it all, we see it all. Everybody’s got a camera. Here in the States where you might well think we’re all running around shooting each other, it’s possible to see live feed Facebook videos of people being shot and dying. Not to mention beheadings by terrorists in other parts of the world. Can’t even watch half of it or I’d be a basket case.

  2. Yeah.. it’s a disturbing and alarming thing. I saw the Facebook video in question. On the one hand it’s a way to see news and events without the commoditised filters that news coverage now has but on the other when is too much too much?

  3. Good music is one of the few things that reminds me that there’s still sanity in this crazy, confusing and all too often messed-up world. It’s like what Bono said, “Rock music tells you that it’s not okay, but you can change it.” Thanks PJ, Sting, and the countless other incredible artists who motivate me to at least try to do something meaningful with my life.

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