Hate To Say I Told You So….


Just a very short time ago on the back of Weezer’s ‘Africa’ cover I wrote on this very blog:

“Now I’m here to (cynically) bet that someone at Atlantic Records will be very much aware of how much attention ‘Africa’ has gotten their charges and noted that this ‘whimsical cover’ has gotten far more radio play, streams and downloads than their original compositions have for some time and that either before we get the Black album, or very soon after, we’ll get a Weezer Covers album.”

The Black Album is due in March.


Weezer have quickly (it kinda shows) put together an album of covers – ignoring my advice of including those already established which is the last time I try and text Rivers some advice – of songs like Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This), No Scrubs, Mr Blue Sky, Africa (of course) and…

I really should head down the bookies more…

7 thoughts on “Hate To Say I Told You So….

  1. I saw that young, geeky teenage girl (with her bass) who gave them the idea to do ‘Africa’ on the telly. They should really offer her some cash or to pay for her college tuition or something. Yeah, maybe it will encourage everybody else to provide ideas but they can just say, Hey it was a one-time thing, door is closed.

  2. I completely missed the release of that album. I actually like Toto’s “Africa” and didn’t mind the Weezer cover.

    But putting out an entire album with covers that pretty much sound like the original tracks? I guess now the world knows Weezer is a capable cover band. If they had at least put their own spin.

    I suspect this release won’t be remembered as a high point in their recording career.

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