Pictures of records…

So… fellow blogger and instagram user David Oman over at Played by David not only runs a cracking blog with his own takes on films and pop culture but creates fine content of his own over on ‘the gram’ (surely it’s about time somebody posed the questions to David at this point) and for the last couple of years has been interviewing members of Instagram’s ‘vinyl community’ about their record collections.

A little while ago, while I was taking a semi-break from here, he pinged some questions my way and it was an absolute pleasure to be involved. You can check it out here if you so wish.

10 thoughts on “Pictures of records…

  1. I did vinyl backwards- had lots of old scratched vinyl in the 1990s when no one else wanted it, and gave it all away to op shops. I mostly bought it as a teenager when I had some pretty suspect taste like Neil Diamond. I enjoyed reading the interview.

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