My baby’s gone, with the wind. Train roll on. Tuesday’s… tunes

Where does the time go? While I work up a few longer-form posts I thought the time was right to drop a quick summary of those aural delights I’ve been enjoying of late.

Larkin Poe – Deep Stays Down

Having only recently been turned on to Larkin Poe it was pretty damn decent of them to release a new album – Blood Harmony – so soon for me to enjoy. Gotta love how ‘Deep Stays Down’ builds up before unleashing, the whole album is a blast.

Luna Amară – Om

Luna Amară are a Romanian band – hailing from Cluj-Napoca. My wife picked up their album Nord for me when she had to pop over recently. There’s some really decent stuff on there and ‘Om’ is a favourite. He’s really giving it some on the chorus – Liber respiră, Fii tu fii om, Totul inspiră, Fii tu fii om / Breathe freely, be you – be human, everything inspires, be you – be human

Wolf Alice – Smile

I was late to the party with Wolf Alice’s 2021 album Blue Weekend. I bought it for my wife – as she wasn’t – but after hearing it each time I use her car (I don’t agree with her radio presets) I’ve really been enjoying it and, having drifted away after their first album, realise I’ve missed a lot.

Hum – Stars

Just because it’s great

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers – Mary Jane’s Last Dance (Live at the Fillmore, 1997)

It’s no secret around these parts that the 1994 thru 1999 / Wildflowers thru Echo is my favourite Tom Petty & Heartbreaker’s period – they were mining such a rich seam as borne out by recent re-releases and the newly released Live at the Fillmore, 1997 is just fucking amazing. They were never better than this – they were great before and carried on being brilliant live (as the equally wonderful Live Anthology proves) but this captures PEAK Petty and Heartbreakers and I’ve been gorging on this since it dropped.

Bruce Springsteen – Galveston Bay

As time goes on I enjoy The Ghost of Tom Joad more and more – not that I didn’t already. A song like ‘Galveston Bay’ is so ridiculously good, it feels like the simplest of songs but what Bruce gets across with a bare, simple guitar line and five minutes is immense. I was gifted this one on wax for my birthday a few weeks back and have been soaking up the gorgeous atmosphere these tracks evoke once again on a pretty regular basis.

I’ll admit that I wonder now – five years plus on – whether my Least to Most Springsteen list would look the same and where recent additions Western Stars and Letter To You would fit but with the exciting news that Bruce is prepping a box of five unreleased post-1988 albums I think I’ll wait before reevaluating as, based on what I’ve heard from those likely inclusions, there’s to be some real gold there.

Soccer Mommy – I’m On Fire

Keeping it Bruce… at some point recently my son heard ‘I’m On Fire’ in the car and wanted to hear the rest when we got in the house. Cueing up the track on Spotify meant that, following on from Springsteen’s own we got the covers – the first of which was from Soccer Mommy whose own Sometimes, Forever has been a massive spinner this year. ‘Im On Fire’ seems a popular cover choice for female artists – I wouldn’t want to suggest any reasons why – and Sophie Allison does a cracking take on it here.


4 thoughts on “My baby’s gone, with the wind. Train roll on. Tuesday’s… tunes

  1. Glad you’ve “found” Larkin Poe. I’ve been listening to these two amazing ladies for a few years now. Have you ever checked out their YouTube channel? They do lots of cool stripped-down covers of all kinds of tunes – really great stuff I dig as much as their originals.

    I had never heard of Luna Amară. They sound intriguing.

    We already exchanged notes on Tom Petty’s amazing new live box set. I had not heard that extended version of “Mary Jane’s Last Dance” yet – great!

    I know I checked out Springsteen’s “Ghost of Tom Goad” a number of years ago. It didn’t really speak to me much at the time. It’s probably an album I should revisit.

  2. A person necessarily assist to make critically articles I’d state. That is the very first time I frequented your website page and to this point? I amazed with the analysis you made to make this particular post extraordinary. Fantastic activity!

    • I don’t get much of these anymore – I get some site called ‘myteenshealth’ republishing everything I do which is more than a bit weird and the odd ‘thanks for being you’… I get a lot more on Insta – supposedly bible-loving women calling me ‘baby’ and angling for giftcards

      • Interesting. Myteenshealth republishes my stuff too. Who are they one wonders and why would teens give a crap about anything you or I publish? Do these teens read that stuff? Do they care about Hendrix or Pearl Jam? Have they ever HEARD OF Hendrix or Pearl Jam? Odd.

        As to the ladies, I get my share of bullshit. A woman who runs a retail store out in San Francisco contacted me through LinkedIn and wanted to be my ‘friend.’ Wanted to know if I had a Telegram account so we could chat. I suppose she is far enough from Boston where we could have this chat and she would feel safe. I told her the whole conversation was inappropriate. She kept coming back so I blocked her. I suppose some fool will eventually take her up on it. The mistake these ‘hoes’ make is in thinking that because so many guys fall for that shit that ALL guys do. My antenna are way up on that shit.

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