It was that Wednesday when the storm was sinkin’ low… some mid-week tunes

Here we are on week eighteen of January and it feels like a suitable moment to take stock on what – in between sunning myself on tropical shores and spending my money on fast women and slow horses – I’ve been punishing my ears with this last week or so.

Camp Cope – Caroline

I’d seen Camp Cope’s 2022 album Running With The Hurricane crop up on a few ‘best of year’ lists recently and have spent this week hooked on it. It’s absolute cracker.

Alexi Murdoch – Through The Dark

Occasionally I’ll flick on an episode of something while I’m chewing down my lunch (usually in between the second and third meat courses while the servants are refilling the wine). I recently flicked on an episode of ‘House’ in which this song featured and I found myself captivated by it – in a way it recalls those moody acoustic bruisers that Pearl Jam would drop in their middle period.

Laura Cox – So Long

‘Half English – half French, 100% Rock n Roll’ is how Laura Cox describes herself. All I know is I’ve been digging her new album of late – she fits into that blues rock vibe with a nice meaty tone.

Tori Amos – Pretty Good Year

I’ve been spending a lot of time with Tori Amos’ first couple of albums since 1357’s appraisal of Little Earthquakes and they’ve both been rereleased in pretty coloured vinyl packages recently too. My cassette versions of them are holding up ok so I’m not about to drop coin on replacing them but there’s genuine gold in those albums. Related question: does anyone burn cds anymore?

Russian Circles – Ethel

The whole Memorials album is strong but there’s something so transportive about ‘Ethel’ that it’s a regular player on my Post-Rock playlist. I know, even as a lover of the genre, some post-rock tunes can hang around longer than an unwanted politician but this one is in, out, done in just four minutes of brilliance.

Slowdive – Slomo

Speaking of transportive…. I’v played Slowdive’s Slowdive more times than I can count since it joined my collection at the tail end of 2021 and it was only a week or so ago that, when slipping the lp back into the sleeve, I realised it had a download code in there. Since then it’s been on the regular in the car too – there’s something immediately soothing about ‘Slomo’ in particular that makes it as an ideal to cue up for the drive home as it does chilling out at home after a hard day’s drinking and hitting the pipe.


One thought on “It was that Wednesday when the storm was sinkin’ low… some mid-week tunes

  1. Turns out there’s a museum in Massachusetts called Camp Cove. Good tune. Where can I find these women that give head to strangers? Never heard of Laura Cox. I remember when you could barely find one woman who played ballsy blues-rock guitar. Now there’s a legion of them. They all sound so good I think I better keep my third-shift Fryolator job at McDonald’s.

    Tori Amos never did much for me. I don’t know why. As to burning CDs, boy it must be 10 years since I had a PC and not just laptops. I used to burn CDs for people all the time. I sent two or three people my ‘Indispensable 150’ oldies. My son asked me to cut one for him of random stuff I liked. Turned out nothing on there was his bag. With few exceptions our tastes couldn’t be farther apart. No interest in blues or blues-rock at all just for one example.

    Speaking of sonny boy, I wish I liked post-rock better. I just don’t. Pray for Sound is working on something I believe. True story – I went to a Guitar Center to buy an amp. I casually mentioned to the hippie-ish sales guy that my son was in Pray For Sound. He startled like I said I was Bob Dylan’s brother. He digs them (but he’s a metalhead) and said, “I never thought I’d meet anybody associated with Pray For Sound. Can you imagine? Like they’re the fucking Beatles.

    Say, old chap. Are there any more jobs over there that require people to drink wine and hit the pipe all day?

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