When the leaves burn, summer ends

Despite the record breaking temperatures we’re getting for this time of year, there’s an unmistakeable hint of autumn in the air.

It’s at this time of year that two songs which somehow (to my ears) manage to capture the sensation that summer has just slipped away come to mind and they’re both by the same guy – Bill Janovitz.

Summer is from Buffalo Tom’s fifth album Sleepy Eyed and they’d tried to move away from the polished sound of the previous album to something a little more live, in-the-studio feeling:

Best Route comes from Bill Janovitz’ most recent solo outing – a somewhat concept album about his hometown which had “got trapped in amber of nostalgia” . Whether it’s the timing signature, that electric guitar line, the undeniable warmth of that nostalgia when applied to the end of summer… I don’t know, but Best Route is the stand-out for me.

2 thoughts on “When the leaves burn, summer ends

  1. You’d think I’d know more about Buffalo Tom as one of my hometown bands. I’ve certainly known of them but haven’t spent a lot of time listening. Good tunes. I think my son would like these guys. Maybe he does. .

    • I’ve oft thought of a couple of “They Should’ve Been Bigger” posts (may still do) and BT would be one of those bands…
      They had a fitful first stab on SST, got caught up in the resurgent interest in alt/indie in the 90’s and made some great, solid albums that wielded a fair bit of interest and media coverage but, for whatever fate / reason is behind these things, never set the radio or charts alight. Shame, as they’ve crafted some absolute beauts when it comes to melodies and hooks and would definitely sit on my list of 20 favourites if I made one. Their Asides From… is, without a shadow of a doubt, the most played album in my collection and I’m surprised I haven’t worn the disc out by now.

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