Least To Most: Bruce (Intro)

I don’t think I’ve really delved into a long ‘series’ of posts on here before. However, after reading Bruce Springsteen’s Born To Run I was thrown into revisiting his albums, almost one-by-one as the book progressed and decided to try to share my thoughts on each – in a series.

It’s an undertaking as this is likely to include some twenty posts so thought I’d first offer up an intro so I can, with the next instalment, get straight to the chase. Now, any musician with a such a long career and discography and varied output is bound to have a number of “worst to best” type lists on them doing the rounds on various websites and Bruce is no exception.

This isn’t intended to be one of those. I’m not a music critic, this isn’t a site of critique more of personal thoughts and opinions. As such I’m going to be running through, in order (though not necessarily uninterrupted), my Least to Most Favourite Bruce Springsteen albums. It’s just that, personal favourites – I don’t lay claim to my judgement of one album’s quality to being universal or true. It’s supposed to be fun after all.

It’s also worth noting that as a Springsteen fan, while it might be among the ‘least’ end of the spectrum, any such album is still likely to be played a fair bit by me and held in overall good standing.

So, let’s get on with the list….


2 thoughts on “Least To Most: Bruce (Intro)

  1. Ah. So you decided to go through with it. Good. I look forward to this. Twenty posts! I confess I have not listened to much of Bruce’s recent output. The last album I bought was Magic, released in 2007. And that because I was going to that years’s concert. A year or so ago, one of the rock magazines came out with a career retrospective, covering all of his albums. And so I listened to them all up to about ‘The Rising’ when I got “Bruced-out.” 😀 So between your posts and that magazine, maybe I’ll pick up where I left off. Sigh. So much good music, so little time. Anyway, bring it on!

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