Out of Europe: An Irish Top Five

Of all the stupidity and upheaval that the colossal butt-fuck of an idea called ‘Brexit’ that so many fools were goaded and misled into voting for is likely to cause, one of the biggest potential quagmires is the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, thrown into even greater murk by that soulless banshee May’s desperate tactic of clinging to power by giving a massive bung to the D.U.P in utter disregard to the issues it throws up with the Good Friday Agreement.

As such I thought it fitting for this Out of Europe series to draw up a quick Top Five from Ireland who, while we continue to be lead blindfolded into a dead end, will remain in the blissful embrace of Europe. And, as we’ll be tearing Northern Ireland down with us, acts from that island’s north east tip don’t qualify.

My Bloody Valentine – Only Shallow

Formed in Dublin in 1983(!), My Bloody Valentine’s opus Loveless took two years to record (that’s nothing, it would be 27 years before they followed it up) and its extensive production costs got them dropped from their label but, fuck me, it’s amazing.

God Is An Astronaut – Forever Lost

A post-rock band who’s sound, according to that fabled source Wikipedia, “employs elements of electronic music, krautrock, and space rock.” I cannot for the life of me remember how I found them but I’d often listen to their second album – which this is from – at the gym.

Damien Rice – Rootless Tree

Success is often a real fucker. Look at what it did to Kurt Cobain. Damien Rice seems similarly unimpressed by it. When songs like ‘Canonball’ and ‘Blower’s Daughter’ pushed his solo debut O into so many peoples’ cd collections he withdrew and pushed against the tide. He’d only wanted to make the one album but his label pressed him into releasing 9 (from which this is taken) which leaned a little darker and met massively mixed reviews. It would be another 8 years before he dropped anything else. I like the line “fuck you, fuck you, love you and all we’ve been through.”

The Frames – Revelate

Dublin’s Glen Hansard is a busy chap. Aside from a solid solo career and frequent touring supporting and playing with Eddie Vedder he’s part of the folk-rock duo The Swell Season and continues to front the Irish rock band The Frames which he started in 1990. Oh, and he acts too – he starred in the film ‘Once’ and some other film called ‘The Commitments‘.

U2 – Until The End of the World

This band is certainly more of a cult act, probably little-known outside of Ireland. Despite what I can only assume are poor-to-middling sales they’ve been around a while now occasionally flirting with some good write-ups in the local press, bad haircuts and have even played a few venues outside of their native Dublin despite their singer’s clearly shy and introverted demeanour.

Honourable mentions to the blues of Rory Gallager and The Cranberries’ Dreams

16 thoughts on “Out of Europe: An Irish Top Five

  1. I may be misreading this but you appear to have some strong feelings about Brexit that are, shall we say old chap, not exactly positive. 🙂 In the continued race to the bottom, our own neo-Fuhrer outdoes himself almost daily, yesterday reading 16 minutes of his Charlottesville statements to his troll supporters. (Who would apparently applaud and cheer if he murdered a CNN correspondent right in front of them.) As to the listed tunes, not a bad one among ’em. (Rory Gallagher and Cranberries would have been in my Top Five.) And this U2? Not bad but frankly, they’ll never catch on over here.

    • Well I dunno about ‘strong’ feelings….
      As for that tub of melted cheese squatting in the White House… I’m starting to wonder just how much more he can get away with before the Republicans realise it’s game over if they remain attached to him.
      I honestly can’t see U2 amounting to much either, can’t see them having a universal appeal

  2. Great list. Don’t even mind that last one. My admiration for Hansard grows daily. His version of Drive all night almost tops Springsteen’s.
    This is my preferred version of Rootless tree

    Gut wrenchingly emotional.

  3. Brexit was a shock. But at least you’re not reminded daily, like we are in the U.S., about the defecation in Washington, President and Congress, that has stunk up and permanently stained our country. I’d move to Cambridge or Canterbury if it didn’t rain so much, and if my wife would let me. Regarding the music, nice to see Rory Gallagher mentioned. I’ve heard of U2. Always get them confused with UB40.

    • Well, the media in its perpetual push push push for attention seems to focus purely on it here to the point where I’ve simply switched off now.
      I’ll admit it took a bit of research to find out much about U2, they seem to fly under the radar a lot and there’s precious little known about them.

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