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Tuesdays after a Bank Holiday Weekend are the new Monday. Nobody likes them.

Outside of Pimsleur’s Basic Romanian, here’s the skinny on what’s going into my ears lately:

The War on Drugs – Up All Night

The new album A Deeper Understanding is the thing of beauty that expectations had it as. Adam Granduciel’s nasal voice is akin to a softer, more tuneful Dylan with tasteful restrain over bleating, the guitars shimmer and shred and the whole thing is polished off with a sun-kissed production right out the Tunnel of Love playbook. As one review states, it’s not just that it’s “one of the best rock albums in years, but that the music itself is so expansive and enveloping that it feels like it should be everywhere.” It’s bliss.

Rebekah Del Rio- No Stars

I can’t tell you anything about Rebekah Del Rio as I know nothing about her. All I know is that this song, well her voice and delivery more to the point, has held me hypnotised since I heard / saw it on an episode of the current revival of Twin Peaks.

Biffy Clyro- Living Is A Problem Because Everything Dies

Since they popped up in that Shuffle The Music thing I’ve been listening to this one a lot, partly also because my wife listens to it a fair bit too.

Death Cab For Cutie- We Looked Like Giants

Following another “Top Five” text convo I’ve been listening to Transatlicism in the car recently in between my Romanian lessons.

Hold Steady- The Swish

The Hold Steady are a new discovery for me having read about them everywhere else I took a while to tune in. I’m starting at the first album Almost Killed Me and like what I’m hearing thus far. I was finally swayed by the review for it that said “The Hold Steady are one of the most convincing rock bands to emerge in recent years, a can-crushing throwdown of unadulterated aggression and ear-splitting amps.”

10 thoughts on “Currently Listening

  1. I haven’t listened to Death Cab For Cutie in a while… I’ll need to fire some of that up. I’ve never really thought much of War On Drugs, but a few folk have said I need to delve into the new one (though I may not be converted). The Hold Steady are plenty good, though…

  2. Second song I’ve heard by WOD and liked . Time to invest some listening time. Lynch has good taste and Rebekah will get some serious listening. This cut is sounding real good. Enjoyed them all. The Hold Steady are also going to get a longer listen. Like that sound. Thanks

  3. An excellent set that happily takes the music enthusiast out of his comfort zone. Comments:
    -War On Drugs. Nice feel, unique sound. I’ll listen for more
    -Del Rio. Haunting voice. 3-octave range or so I have read. As to Twin Peaks, we (especially my wife) were big fans of the original. But the first couple of episodes seemed to be weird for the sake of being weird. We’ve turned it off, never to return. Too much competition for the old eyeballs these days. Impress me fast or I’m gone. That’s why we both also long ago gave up on Game of Thrones.
    -Biffy. Great name, good song, never heard of ’em.
    -Death Cab. Already know these guys and like ’em. Something about that guy’s voice. “I Will Possess Your Heart” is classic.
    -Hold Steady. Now that’s some rockin’ shit. Please sir, may I have some more?

    • War on Drugs is one of those bands I’m so happy to have stumbled on.
      I Will Possess Your Heart is probably my favourite DCFC song. I’d completely missed that album till my wife and I caught em live and they opened with it (I think).
      Any TV recommendations? I’ve stuck with Twin Peaks and just have the finale to go. GOT… we started recently and it’s “ok” but I can’t see what the hype is for so am curious what’s competing for your eyeballs. That being said Narcos Series 3 just dropped

      • My wife and I were literally just talking the other night about how drained we’ve become trying to keep up with all these multi-part series. I haven’t yet even started the current season of House of Cards. I was watching Better Call Saul but I wasn’t sure where it was going. No longer sure about that. But no, I am probably a lousy judge. That said, The HBO mini-series The Young Pope was pretty good as was Big Little Lies. But I get overwhelmed and then watch old episodes of Law and Order and say the hell with it.

      • I started the latest House of Cards when it dropped and haven’t felt the desire to go beyond the second episode. I’ll check out The Young Pope – heard good things about that one

      • Yeah, give ‘Pope’ a shot. Try two episodes before you decide. One could possibly see this as an allegory for the age of cHump. But we really enjoyed it.

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