Just for Laughs

I saw this recently and still can’t help but chuckle.

Whether I tolerate an Oasis song all the way through tends to depend on the day etc. I’d take em over Blur any day. Not so long ago I was driving with my son (3) in the car when Liam’s new song came on and he asked what it’s called. When I told him I didn’t know he said, matter of factly, “It’s called bollocks, that’s what it’s called.” He was spot on but this still makes me laugh, I don’t think anybody gives an interview as good as Liam.


One thought on “Just for Laughs

  1. That’s good. The Gallaghers are such arseholes. If they didn’t have musical talent they’d just be a couple of wankers getting beaten up every weekend in Manchester pubs. BTW, it just so happens I heard Liam’s new song yesterday. I didn’t entirely hate it. That said, it pretty much sounded like yet standard Oasis release.

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