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With the Pearl Jam series complete, it feels like as good a time as any to take a look at what else has been going into the old ears of late because, having spent so long on a Pearl Jam bent, I’ve been listening to a shit load of different stuff these last weeks…

Crowded House – Private Universe

It took a while before I got round to it but I’ve been spending a lot of time with the first four Crowded House albums lately and enjoying every track thus far. Their album Together Alone is the standout for me and this song has had a fair few repeats.

Chastity Belt – Different Now

A recent purchase, Chastity Belt’s I Used To Spend So Much Time Alone is a great album that manages to feel like some lost 90’s gem while still sounding fresh and new.

Kurt Vile – Bassackwards

Because it’s one of the two long tracks that new album Bottle It In revolves around and those powder-blue discs have been getting a lot of spins since arriving on my shelves. This – and most of KV’s work – has got such a laid back vibe that you just kinda close your eyes and drift along to. Perfect music to get small to.

Bill Mallonee & The Vigilantes of Love – Resplendent 

This took me a while to get hold of. I heard this on one of those CDs that came free with a magazine some… 18 years ago. I don’t know much about Mr Mallonee but he’s not much about on the likes of Spotify etc so I had to track down a second hand copy of Audible Sigh the album this is from. I’m not usually one for this alt-country but I love a good ‘story’ song and the lyric “’til what you were meets what you’ve now become, grins and says “hey, haven’t we met”

Kate Bush- And Dream of Sheep

Back before she went completely off her rocker and long before she started spouting off about how wonderful that deranged fucktard Theresa May is… Kate Bush made some perfect music. One such example – Hounds of Love: one half the perfect pop album, the other, from which this is, a gorgeous concept suite about a person drifting alone in the sea at night.

And, finally…..

Bruce Springsteen – Racing in the Street ’78 

OK, so I’ve got a BIG BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN POST or 2, or maybe 3 in the making at the moment and so the Boss has been back on heavy spin and this song… this version… fuck but it’s good.

11 thoughts on “Current spins

  1. Nice variety to this list – I especially liked the Bill Mallonee and Springsteen. Being a huge fan myself, I look forward to your upcoming posts.

  2. Bruce I will take for granted. How can you have any more posts in you about him? Curious. Always liked Crowded House. That’s a killer tune. Never heard of Chastity Belt, had to look ’em up. Four women but I couldn’t tell that from listening. Thought I heard a guy’s voice in there. Good tune. Their FB page says “Awards – biggest sluts.”

    Less nutty about Vile’s tune. Don’t know if I could listen to that for nine minutes. Can you get small over there legally? Massachusetts just opened the first legal recreational pot stores east of the Mississippi. As someone who grew up thinking America would never have a black president, legal pot, gay marriage or an outright fascist Neo-Nazi sympathizer demagogue president, I’ve now lived to see all four. I’m good with the first three. The fourth should rot in prison for the rest of his life with each of us getting a chance to slap him in the face periodically.

    As to pot, I can take it or leave it. Those days, for me, are largely a thing of the past. I like the Kate Bush tune but her star never shone quite as brightly over here so the May thing is survivable. Back to Bruce – nice to hear him again. I had to kill the Bruce pre-set on Sirius for a while just so I could appreciate him again.

    • Those days are a thing of my past too.. though there are times I wish it were legal here.
      I hadn’t listened to Bruce properly since he started his version of a Vegas residency but am enjoying it again.
      How is that bulbous cretin that’s currently resting his corpulent backside in the White House? No closer to the chop? Even with his daughters emails?

      • Perhaps you’re referring to our king some of us lovingly refer to as “old worthless sack of shit?” Mr. “I forgive the Saudis and Russians for everything so I can do business with them once I leave the office I should never have gotten?” Well, he’s a little worried as the object of Bob Mueller is closer than he appears in the side mirror. We think he’s got the goods on the feeble-minded son and may use that as a cudgel to get “fucking moron” (Tillerson words) to resign. Ivanka emails? Her defense is she didn’t know it was a problem. See, anything the schlumps do is ok as long as THEY do it. So, the Shakespearean drama is not over and we don’t know when exactly (to mix metaphors) the fat diva will sing. But when he does, break out the fucking champagne. And now I think of it, a big, fat doobie.

      • Sometimes I wonder what could be worse than Trump then I see his children – a motley crew of hideously offensive, near-inbred in appearance, self-centered little reptilian bastards deformed in their intelligence and ability to function as human – and realise the only thing was than Trump is more Trumps

  3. Good mix. Couple new ones and a couple familiar ones. The violin on ‘Racing’ is a nice touch Bruce. The first time I saw him was when he just released ‘Darkness’. One of my best musical experiences. He sang ‘Racing’ and the audience was still getting used to the little Jersey Greasebal singing his car songs. I do like that violin.

      • Remember Tony, this wasn’t mega Bruce , he was still playing small venues and looking like one of his characters in his songs (Sing and write bout what you know) “Any Vancouver car boys in the audience?” I think CB and a couple other meatballs answered the call. Curious about what you have up your sleeve.

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