C’mon Stevie! Talk to em!

I don’t normally give much attention to this thing of ‘react’ videos… the whole thing of YouTube ‘stars’ making money from giving it some mouth on their camera leaves me cold and dubious about the state of civilisation in general and I can’t help but feel they’re not all that genuine.

That being said, somehow I stumbled on this and it makes me laugh each time. This dude seems genuine and – like anyone with their head screwed on right – is astounded by SRV, as proven in his later videos where he hunts for more and references back to Stevie as the greatest.

“My guy Stevie look like he got diarrhoea right here…”

I also checked out ‘No Life Shaq’ reacting to Eddie Van Halen which is worth it if only for the phrase “that guitar was innocent as shit three minutes ago!”

I don’t think my reaction to Stevie Ray Vaughan was quite as dramatic, it mainly just consisted of saying “Holy Fuck” a lot, but then I do that most times I listen to SRV.

Should you want to view the video featured above without commentary:

10 thoughts on “C’mon Stevie! Talk to em!

  1. I haven’t seen this particular guy but I have some several (mostly black, sometimes rappers) guys who are largely unfamiliar with rock do this. (One is a white guy dubbed “British rock guitarist” or some such. The premise is always the same – they don’t know what they’re gonna hear and react on camera. I watched an interesting one just last week. A guy reacted to “Layla” and at the end, literally had tears in his eyes. He thought it was beautiful. Man.

  2. 435,084 views. Jeez. I should record myself reacting to music more often. Obviously being somewhat more dramatic than I currently am (y’know, a kind of “oh aye – I dig this” enthusiasm).

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