Current Spins

Been a while since I shunted some of my current spins up on here. It’s not all been research for the Boss piece or Albums of my Years series after all. So here follows a few of those things that have been getting spun on either the iPod or record deck of late….

Sam Fender – The Borders

Trying to keep up with new stuff and not sound like the stereotypical Dad who only listens to music released a decade or so prior… the new Sam Fender album (which essentially collates the seven (yep seven) singles this guy has already released with a few album-tracks but is a solid listen as latest single ‘The Borders’ demonstrates – makes me think of The War on Drugs if Adam Granduciel hailed from Newcastle way, complete with an E Street Band sounding sax addition.

Led Zeppelin – Dazed and Confused

I mean, seriously, do you have to ask? I’m deep into the Ken Burns docu-series ‘Vietnam’ at the moment and this track popped up. I then discovered that, somehow, Led Zeppelin  was missing from my CD collection. Quickly fixed by getting the recent 180gsm reissue. Faultless album, stonking tune.

Stevie Ray Vaughan – Pride and Joy

SRV has been getting a LOT of play in my car lately. The miles just fly by, man, interspersed with the occasional “holy fuck” of amazement.

Explosions in the Sky – Day One

I love EITS. They’re one of those bands with a discography in which I can find no fault. To celebrate their 20th anniversary they re-issued their first album and The Rescue with a couple of beautiful packages and both have been getting a lot of spin time.

Damien Jurado – Lincoln

This year’s In The Shape of a Storm from Damien Jurado is an arresting listen. He’s stripped off all the production and concepts of his last few albums and gone back to little more than an acoustic guitar and his voice for an album that’s so intimate it almost feels like a conversation. I’ve always loved this side of Damien’s work – take I Had Not Intentions – and this album is one of my favourites of the year.

May Your Kindness Remain – Courtney Marie Andrews

I know next to nothing about this artist. She came up after one of those ‘Fans Also Like’ journeys on Spotify but I really dig what I’ve heard so far, including this one – strong vocals and that guitar tone that starts to lurk and push through at the two minute mark…. more please.


6 thoughts on “Current Spins

  1. Last year, I said on my site I wish there was more love commercially for the incredibly talented Courtney Marie Andrews. Still do. She has one amazing voice! I was also fortunate enough to interview her last year prior to her tour here in Australia. I got to meet her after one of her intimate shows too. She is incredibly humble. And your not wrong, the highlight of May Your Kindness Remain is definietely its explosive climax, when its electric guitar gushes with brilliance. It’s like it is crying out to be heard in a world of angst and intolerance before Andrews reassuring voice calms it down.

  2. I’ve yet to really give the Fender lad some proper time. A mate of mine has recommended him, while another caught him at the QMU (I think) here just a couple of months ago and said that I’d likely dig him. I had listened to whatever single they suggested at the time, but it didn’t make much of an impression on me.

    And I’ve been watching loads of SRV on YouTube. Those Austin City Limits shows are incredible. Particularly his second (and last) one… my word.

  3. I like what I heard of Fender here though I don’t know him. Glad to see you’re discovering Led Zeppelin. I think you’ll find them a particularly entertaining band. 🙂 SRV – I will have more on him later. One of the truly great bluesmen of this or any time. As to Explosions in the Sky, I tell you that I veer in and out on post-rock. I can listen to it, then not. If it weren’t for my son’s band I would never have been aware of it. With exceptions, I am not big on the “guy with a guitar sings confessional-type songs” that Jurado here presents. But I like Courtney’s voice. Intrigued by her, I checked Wikipedia and it said this, “In 2011, Andrews relocated to Seattle, WA. It was there that she began playing electric guitar in long-time admirer Damien Jurado’s band.” So, there’s that.

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