Ten of ten for ten

Apparently it’s my ‘WordPress Anniversary’ today. Well, at least with this blog. I say this only to make those of you who have failed to send gifts my way feel guilty.

To mark this most important of events I thought I’d be achingly original and put together a list – Ten great Track Tens.

Ten. In the seventies some couldn’t keep it up that long whereas by the nineties’ era of CD bloat some went on much longer. Some use it as a ‘leave them wanting more’ final track while for others it’s the point at which they’re in the midst of their second wind. For many, though, it’s just filler.

Anywho, without further prattle, ceremony here’s a sweep of some pretty solid tracks that also happen to be the tenth tune on an album – while a little bit of a sausage-fest* – also serves to cover most of what this blog has in the last ten.

Pearl Jam – Present Tense

Bob Dylan – The Man In Me

Bruce Springsteen – Darkness On The Edge of Town

Noir Desir – Lost

Snail Mail – Mia

Tom Petty – Alright For Now

Pink Floyd – Lost for Words

Weezer – Only In Dreams

The Replacements – Skyway

Mogwai – Mogwai Fear Satan

*only down to the lack of stand out tracks that happened to sit between the ninth and eleventh ones.

16 thoughts on “Ten of ten for ten

      • I’ve been ‘watching’ Smith of late after that ‘an entanglement, Jada?’ thing a while back – from his stuff on Discovery and a few bits that made me think he’s heading toward or going through a crisis / breakdown. I think that rash reaction, going from laughing to violence to shouting obscenities in a few short moments was watching the damn burst

  1. I’m currently listening to the only song on this list I don’t know – the Noir Desir one. I like all the others, although I haven’t spent much time with the Mogwai and haven’t spun New Morning for a while.

    • New Morning isn’t one that tends to end up on the repeated listens list for Bob – but that song tends to thanks to its use in The Big Lebowski.

      Noir Desir are a tricky one in light of how they ended and it’s a case of needing to separate artist from art – for me they’re tied to my memories of spending time in France and first hearing them on the radio while stuck in traffic and picking up the album Lost is on long before I found out why they’re no longer active.

      • I quite like New Morning – Dylan was good enough in the 1960s and 1970s that his lesser stuff is still very good.

        I looked up the Noir Desir story – I think I’ve read it before.

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