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It’s been a real pressure cooker of a week so time to blog has not been permitting – no opportunity to kick into the final three on the Bruce Least to Most series or any of the other posts sitting in ‘drafts’.

Here, though, is a quick surmise of those tunes that I’ve been listening to of late.

Ryan Adams – Shiver and Shake

Holy shit is Prisoner good. More than being a divorce album this is one of Ryan Adams’ finest. Gorgeous layers and echoes of Tunnel of Love Springsteen and drenched in dollops of that sun-kissed, late-80’s AOR vibe that so many have embraced of late (see Haim, War on Drugs etc) as to sound delicious and lyrics (“I miss your loving touch, I miss your embrace, but if I wait here any longer I’m gonna fade away”) that are more open and deft than he’s sung for some time. I don’t think I’ve played a new record as much as I have this one in a long time.

Tool – Ænema

I’ve really gotten back into this album over the last couple of weeks – I was determined to introduce my wife to the band but their unwillingness to stream and the fact that their albums still sell at ‘standard’ price means it’s not so easy but I picked this one up at a decent price and it hasn’t left the car since.  Any album so unabashed in its Bill Hicks reverence is gonna be ok; “Learn to swim, see you down in Arizona Bay”

think my wife dug it. I know my three-year-old son loves it though I’m now having to be more cautious as to the lyrical content of songs he hears. I don’t want him saying “Fuck L Ron Hubbard” after all. Although…

잠비나이 (Jambinai) – Connection

A couple of weeks ago I found (well, my wife pointed it out and encouraged me to go in) a really cool little independent vinyl-only record store in Canterbury with a great name – Vinylstore Jr. The guy had just dropped Jambinai’s album on the turntable. They’re a South Korean (obviously not North) post-rock band, their label describes them as “less like a band than a force of nature, fusing the full dramatic range of post-rock dynamics to Korean folk roots to create an exhilarating, vivid and unique fusion. ”


5 thoughts on “Currently Listening

  1. With a three-year-old around, it’s amazing that you get any blogging done.

    I recently did a post on songs about heartache and someone recommended the Ryan Adams album. It’s in my queue but haven’t listened to it yet. I did listen to the track you posted and my feelings are mixed. I’m not much for the singer/songwriter genre, always found it too mopy. But I know Ryan has a good reputation so I’ll give the album a spin with as much of an open mind as I can for a guy who covered a Taylor Swift album.

    I know of Tool but never really listened to them. This tune is way more my style. As to the lyrical content, there are worse things in life than saying ‘Fuck L Ron Hubbard.’ Scientology is a dangerous POS cult and I’d happily say it right to their fucking faces.

    I’m listening to ‘Connection’ now and digging it. Hypnotic.

    Canterbury, eh? Ah yes, a man of Kent (not to be confused with those Kentish wankers.) 😉 Curious, do you ever get up to London?

    • Ah, I use his nap times ‘wisely’.
      The Taylor Swift thing I think we’ve touched on before – I was very anti at first then eventually gave it a go and really enjoyed it. I had the misfortune to hear one in its original state on some animated film with animals or other (again; three-year-old) and it’s a world apart.
      London…. not so much. Popped up (depending on train / station it’s less than an hour) in October but I get less and less inclined to do so. Why do you ask?

      • Did we discuss her and/or Ryan’s cover? Probably did. I lose track of what I’ve said to whom.

        As to London, just curious. Haven’t been there in a long time and really liked the city. But like New York, it can become too much, too overwhelming. I don’t even live all that far from Boston. It is nowhere near as big as those cities yet I’m lucky if I get there a couple times over a couple of months.

  2. Really enjoy how Connection built up to the climatic ending. Then brings you back down to earth. Thank you so much for sharing with us. I’ll be listening to this one again for sure. As for Tool just another great tune to add on to my Tool playlist.

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