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Righty ho.

There’s a lot going in my ears at present so I thought I’d drop a few on here while working on a couple of longer pieces and ahead of the inevitable ‘Holy Shitballs OKNOTOK Is Amazing’ post* and share what’s been cropping up regularly in the mix as it were.

Pearl Jam – Of the Girl (Instrumental)

I’m putting together a post about Pearl Jam, specifically their fallow period from 2000-2005 and I think Binaural often gets a bad rap. There’s a lot going on in the songs as this instrumental take of ‘Of The Girl’ from the PJ20 soundtrack shows.

The War On Drugs – Holding On

Because there is a new War On Drugs album dropping this year and this is the first single from it. Shame that the wax looks to be what I’d consider over-priced.

The Appleseed Cast – The Waking of Pertelotte/On Reflection

I don’t think I’ve touched on this band here so far. I can’t get enough of the Low Level Owl albums these days (even if they passed me by first time) and I love, LOVE Josh “Cobra” Baruth’s drumming. These are two seperate tracks that open Volume 1 but are best experienced flowing together as intended .

The Kinks – I’m Not Like Everybody Else

So many great Kinks songs to chose from…. this is a Ray song sung by Dave. It was a b-side to ‘Sunny Afternoon’ but the version I keep listening to was from their final release To The Bone and I first heard it and got hooked via ‘The Sopranos’. **

Fleetwood Mac – Albatross

Because a) this is a great tune to listen to when the sun is shining and b) early / Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac   > Rumours Fleetwood Mac.

*I dropped needle on it once and confirmed I need a new stylus. Until that arrives….

** See also: ‘Living On A Thin Line‘.

14 thoughts on “Currently Listening

  1. I’ll be giving your songs a spin at next opportunity. But must comment on blogger synchronicity. I’ve just started posting a Kinks series. The fourth post (not yet published) pulls a song from ‘To The Bone’, an album I literally never heard of till I researched this series. I was an avid Sopranos consumer so how I missed a Kinks song on the soundtrack is beyond me.

    • Really? Ah you’re kidding me, I don’t know what the bloody hell is going on with my notifications / feed as I’d not seen that one kick off. I’ll check it out asap.
      Sopranos introduced me to an awful lot of music.
      To The Bone album is pretty much impossible to get hold of now. The UK and US got completely different versions and getting hold of either now is a fool’s errand giving the sod of a price tag attached to those I’ve seen. Shame as the US one has a hell of a track listing.

      • Blimey, $20 for a cd is a bit of a hike these days – it’s about the same (£20) here too. Might be one to keep an eye for in second-hand shops / record fares. Doubt it’s available on anything but cd

  2. It’s nice to see that someone else prefers early Fleetwood Mac to Buckingham-Nicks era FM. Both Green and Danny Kirwin were special musicians. Also, I just learned that “Albatross” inspired the Beatles’ “Sun King.” Yes, listening to both, the similarities are obvious!

  3. Ooo, after listening to the track I’ll be checking out more from The Appleseed Cast. They’re new to me but right up my street so thanks for the heads up!

  4. I definitely agree that Binaural gets a bad rap. I suppose it is partially because I am young for a Pearl Jam fan, but I absolutely love that period of Pearl Jam. Binaural and Riot act are great albums start-to-finish, but they are great in a very different way from the early days. Ten and Vs are different from nearly everything that came after, and to some people that’s a bad thing. Vitalogy and No Code didn’t have the polished finish, and I think the rougher sound suited them. Yield was something of a balance in between. Where you plot Binaural and Riot Act would be nearer to Vitalogy and No Code in terms of sound than Ten and Vs. But really they’ve always been branching out their sound. None of the records sound the same. They didn’t get to a point where they said, “oh this is a good balance, so let’s just stay here.” The Avacado album is, for me, the weakest, but it still has great material on it. Backspacer left me with similar feelings as the Avacado; not their best, but still fairly strong. Lightning Bolt is probably their best of latter records. The real key, for me, is the bass lines. It takes a closer listen, but what Jeff is playing determines the strength of a given song most of the time. It is because of this that I draw a lot of similarity between Vitalogy and Riot Act.
    Sorry for the long reply… they’re my favorite band, and I sometimes really get going on the topic. Cheers.

    • No worries at all re length. Pearl Jam sit way up on the top of my list and I could talk for a month of Sundays about em.
      I’d certainly drawn the line between Vitalogy and Riot act myself though I think O’Brien’s physicality is lacking in the production for the latter. I’ll be more than touching on it in an upcoming post about those ‘lost’ years for PJ.
      It’s a tough call when it comes to weakest. I wasn’t immediately wowed by Avocado when it dropped but a large amount of it grew on me and some of the bootlegs from that tour show a lot of it really came to life in a live setting. Backspacer probably sits to the least favourite section but it’s saved by a phenomenal mid-section and finish. Trade Johnny Guitar for Of The Earth and it’d be a lot higher, perhaps it’s all over too quickly? Lightning Bolt, for sure, the best of their Fourth Act – taking the sonic explorations of Binaural but adding an awful lot more hook and bite.

  5. Just giving this a listen now. The PJ cut is real Good. Peeking ahead it kinda bookends with the FM cut. (Instrumental) The WOD cut was also good. The little movie they paired it with worked. ‘Appleseed Cast’ is new to me but they also sound good. I noticed the drums. The Kinks are just one of the best. Good live version. The last cut seals the set. You can spin records on my station any day. Good mix,

    • The drums are what got me hooked on Appleseed Cast stuff (eventually). By the time it ‘clicked’ for me the drummer was long out of the band and I don’t think they’ve found a suitable replacement.
      Glad you enjoyed. Lot of Monk in my ears lately, thanks for that

      • That’s one of the things that I like about music, things that catch our ear. Like the drums in that tune. Being a musicians you probably listen with a different set of ears. Monk’s playing did that with my ear and still does. I get locked into him on a regular basis. I have a piece coming up with a little more Monk and a lot of his friends.

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