Away Message – Currently Listening

Believe it or not Tony isn’t at home, please leave a message at the beep….

I’m on holiday at the moment but here’s a little of what’s been spinning in my ears of late…

Am fost la munte și mi-a plăcut – Unde Erai In 1995?

Appropriate on two levels as a) I’m in Romania right now and b) I did just go to the mountains and liked it a lot (am fost la munte și mi-a plăcut) but I discovered this post-rock band from București a little before I left. Their album S-A Rezolvat. Nu Se Poate – released this year – is great. There’s something of The Wall era Floyd about that opening guitar line – and other parts of the album – that I love.

Lost in Kiev – Insomnia 

In “it’s a small world”… I saw a picture of this French group’s album Nuit Noir along with the description ‘dark, looming epic post-rockintertwined with a spoken word narrative’ and new it was for me. I’ve barely stopped listening since. Oddly enough only as I put it here do I also hear some Pink Floyd element in the keyboards too.

Stevie Ray Vaughan – Empty Arms

You know when you don’t listen to something for ages and then you hear it and kick yourself for having omitted it from your playlist for so long? This came on in a GBK while we having a burger a while back and, yup, I kicked myself and went home and put SRV back into rotation.

The Hold Steady – Stuck Between Stations

So I’m now up to The Hold Steady’s third and – I think – breakthrough album Boys and Girls in America and it’s fucking awesome. At once it’s a case of kicking myself for not having heard it sooner and feeling like it’s so familiar.

4 thoughts on “Away Message – Currently Listening

  1. I was saying elsewhere that despite 6 Music’s best attempts at the time, I’ve never tired of Stuck Between Stations. A highlight of their highlights… and a great way to open my favourite album of theirs. I’ll be playing that one a few times today (album, too).

  2. Pithy comments coming up: Overall, dug everything here. The Romanian band, spot on. We’ve talked before about my son’s “friends,” the Kiev guys. And The Hold Steady seem to be the band of the week. They’ve cropped up a few places and our Aphoristic mate is featuring exactly the same fucking song. Interestingly I’ve been blogging for two years and that’s almost never happened. Now, the big surprise for me here is SRV. Mea culpa but I did not have you pegged as a blues fan. And then you post one of the greatest, dearest to my heart bluesmen that ever lived. I haven’t heard that song in ages. Thanks.

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