Spinning some new

In between working, reading the Pink Floyd biog, composing posts about Springsteen (2 in the works) and Dylan, pricing up a Jag and reading / writing fiction I also manage to listen to new music and notice that I’ve forgotten to post on here again.

So, in an attempt to fix the latter – here’s the new that’s been getting a lot of rotation of late:

The Pixies – On Graveyard Hill

Despite the fact that I love pretty much every Pixies album, for reasons various it was only a month or so back that I finally got round to listening to their 2016 album Head Carrier. Then, a few evenings back an email pings into my inbox and announces that they have a new one ready for later in the year and this beaut is available to hear now. It’s a sodding belter of a song.

Jambinai – Sawtooth

I picked up my copy of the new Jambinai album, Onda, yesterday from the same record store I discovered them in, it was only out on Friday but I’ve been enjoying this lead track for a bit now. Mixing  traditional Korean instruments with heavy, noisy guitars and a Nirvana-like rattly bass punch. I fucking love this band.

Big Thief – Cattails

I did something I hadn’t done in years last month and bought a physical copy of a music magazine – complete with a CD of music new and almost-new, hand-picked by The National as part of the press barrage surrounding their, inmho, naff new album. This one… isn’t the Big Thief song that was on their but it lead me to their new album U.F.O.F which has my hypnotised… it’s impossible to pin it down genre-wise but there’s something so… it’s a blissful thing with so much going on that’s perfect for sunny evening to spin, drift away listening  and remembering getting small to.

Sam Fender – Hypersonic Missiles

See… Sam Fender has been cropping up a lot on the one radio station I can stomach listening to these days. I’m gonna say this knowing how old it makes me sound – but this kid is only just 25. There’s a real power to his voice and he’s got some guitar and song-writing chops on him too, bit of Springsteen influence on this one (especially around the two minute mark)- amongst a bucket load of others – but this still fashions a sound of its own that I quite dig.

Gang of Youths – What Can I Do If the Fire Goes Out?

I listen to the radio in both an effort to wake myself up on the commute and not get stuck in a rut with music by discovering something new. I’ve discovered a fair few additions to my record collection that way and I’m enjoying these guys lately. There’s some dark stuff to their lyrics but they manage to get it into a beat and tune that makes for a good listen. I think ‘Let Me Down Easy’ was the one that broke Gang of Youths on radio both here and at home – they folks come from that land Down Under – and this one is another getting turned up in the car etc and, again, wears a Springsteen influence on its sleeve.

Bruce Springsteen – Tucson Train

Speaking of the Boss. There’s a new album due to hit my shelves a little later this month… ‘Tuscon Train’ is the third song released (do they do singles anymore?) ahead of Western Stars‘ release in a week or two (it’s already getting cracking reviews) and is easily my favourite thus far. Really looking forward to this one…

13 thoughts on “Spinning some new

    • I’m loving that album. Meant I went back and checked out their last and cursed myself – I’d seen it mentioned everywhere but ignored it because of the cover. But, on the plus, I have a lot of cool new tunes to discover. Much like the last Hotelier album in that respect

  1. I wasn’t aware the Pixies had something new on the horizon. I haven’t been mad keen on their newer stuff, but it’s still good to hear stuff from them. I’m liking the sound of Jambinai and Big Thief, so I’ll go listen to their albums. A colleague mentioned the Fender lad to me a few days ago as she was at a gig of his – she spoke highly of him, but I haven’t checked him out yet.

    I haven’t consumed any of the new Springsteen tunes, but I’m actually encouraged by the talk that he’s taken a bit of a detour. Also, I’m glad I’m not alone in feeling a bit underwhelmed by the new National album.

    • Don’t get me started on the new National album. When it was announced I was all set to push the button on the three-disc set but something held me back. Each time I listen I’m increasingly glad I did.. yet it’s continuing to get such good press.
      I really liked Indie Cindy – or the three eps that made it up – they’re never gonna sound as they did 25 years ago but they’re still crafting and grafting and as long as they don’t try an ‘electro’ album the legacy is safe

      • I planned to pick it up at some point, but gave it a few listens and thought against it. Maybe it’ll click when I least expect it.

        And I agree about the Pixies – I’m happy to see they’re still at it, even if I don’t love what they release (I think there’s gold there, but it’s just not consistent enough).

  2. Minus a tune or two, I’ve never been much of a Pixies fan. And despite having been a local band, about the only song by them I ever hear on the radio is “Here Comes Your Man.” Jambinai is just odd-sounding enough to catch my attention. I’d listen to more of that. I also like Sam Fender. As to Bruce, I’m not hearing anything on that particular tune that doesn’t sound like a hundred things he’s done. How about “Wild, Innocent, E Street Shuffle, Part Two – Return to the Boardwalk.” Bruce visits and sees how everything has changed over time, forcing him to come up with some rip-roaring rock ‘n roll.

    • I would pay to hear him going for the rock voice again. Oddly the ‘it’s a real detour in sound’ push on Western Stars in press seems to require it being supported with his reassurance that he’s already got half the next E-Street record written. Perhaps he’s nervous of fan abandonment as per Human Touch / Lucky Town / Joad

      • You’ll doubtless hear his rock voice “live.” But I’ve lost count of the number rockers who say they can’t write the same songs in their later years as they did when they were hungrier (or perhaps more hormonal) at 18. “Mature” rock is nice but .. .meh.

  3. I’ll be back (you lucky bugger) to comment on the other tunes. The Springsteen cut is beautiful, moving, very cool … CB loves train song and after one listen this is only going to get better.

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