Spinning The New… 2

Taking a momentary pause from the Pearl Jam series for, as those playing along at home may have sussed our, the final three all dropped between 1993 and 1996 and I thought it was time to take a quick gander at the newer stuff spinning right now.

This is fairly genre-specific. I’m not about to jump any sharks and start discussing Eminem’s ‘diss track’ (this is something that baffles me as a concept) or even start talking about the new Paul McCartney stuff (some of the worst material I’ve heard from the former Fab that didn’t involve frogs). While I have heard the new Smashing Pumpkins track I must have dozed off listening to it so it’s not going to be appearing here.

Mogwai – We’re Not Done Yet (End Title)

Another year another new Mogwai album. Well, sort of. These dons of post-rock have seemingly hit a real stride in terms of output as there’s a been a release per year of late alternating between ‘studio’ and ‘soundtrack’ album. Their soundtrack albums are different to their ‘own’ as the music is, obviously enough, written to suit someone else’s vision / story but each have been strong and worth additions to their catalogue (take Atomic as a prime example). Kin the film would appear to be destined to be seen by nobody: a box office and critical bomb. Kin the soundtrack should be heard by many – it’s a great, moody, sci-fi soundtrack that feels like it could just as easily blend into the background on Stranger Things (yes, I’m a very recent convert all binge-watched up to speed).

Jim James – Just A Fool

Back in 2015 My Morning Jacket were talking up the possibility of a very quick follow up the then-new The Waterfall on the back of how much material they’d written and recorded in those sessions. It hasn’t happened and can’t see it happening any time soon. Instead we got three solo albums from Jim James: one patchy, one a continuation of his covers project and this year’s Uniform Distortion which I picked up from the record store while collecting my pre-order of KinUniform Distortion feels actually like a very fine MMJ album and is well worth exploring.

Kurt Vile – Loading Zones

There’s a new Kurt Vile album dropping later this year and I’ve already got it on pre-order. I got hooked on Vile’s sound following Smoke Ring For My Halo. There’s something hypnotic about Vile’s sound and once you’re hooked.. well.

J Mascis – See You At The Movies

Oddly enough, there’s a direct line between Dinosaur Jr’s J Mascis and Kurt Vile in terms of style and sound and the two have often shared a track. It’s fitting, then, that Mascis has a new solo record dropping this autumn too – his solo work is less wall-of-sound guitar than the Dino albums but he’s started mixing his trademark guitar solos and shredding into his folksier / acoustic solo stuff to strong results so I’m looking forward to Elastic Days – also on pre-order from my not-quite local dealer.

4 thoughts on “Spinning The New… 2

  1. The Mogwai and Kurt albums are on my list to nab (I really should pre-order, but there are a few things already on that list!) and I was on the fence about Jim James, as I wasn’t really a fan of the two others. Pleased to learn that it’s a winner, so I’ll be grabbing that one.

  2. I gave Mogwai a spin but despite having a post-rocker in the family, it’s largely a take-it-or-leave-it genre for me. I hear My Morning Jacket sometimes on satellite but I don’t know what to make of them. Country-ish? Indie? Is there a favorite album of theirs that you like? Of the selections here I think I like Mascis the best.

    • Hmm it’s a good question – they certainly have a country tinge at times while blending in guitars and reverb that have no place in Nashville. I’d lean toward suggesting either Z or It Still Moves but I think the live set Okonokos is a good starting point as they’re a real solid live act with a jam lean

  3. I’m sure I could find a review of the new Paul Mac if i was inclined but I’ll stick with the tunes you posted. Here’s a case of you turning me onto Mogwai. I like it but it’s a matter of pulling it out on a regular basis. JJ and his music is working on me. My youngest son introduced me a few years ago. I like the tune you posted. Seems a little more stripped down, has the ghost of Waylon Jennings floating around in it..Really like the Vile sound. Going to listen to more of him. Just revisited Dino Jr. recently. Like this one too. Real good set.
    On the book front. Just got the Gala Jo Nesbo for a gift. You might make me look good. We’ll see.

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